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Product Overview

The AutoGrade site positioning system (SPS) uses your job site control points to orientate the total station's position. The AutoGrade SPS then instantly gives a "cut" or a "fill" value from the existing condition to the proposed elevation at the exact location of your shot. AutoGrade SPS's ability to calculate in “real time”, gives you more information of where to build and at what elevation.

Also include in the Autograde software package are Autoline and Autopoint.

Autoline finds and determines any feature lines such as: grid lines, building lines, edge of pavement lines, curb lines, center lines, fence lines, and edge of deck lines.

Autopoint finds specific feature points such as; grading points, manholes, catch basins, building corners, radius points, hydrants, and valves.

The software is sold completely installed in a hand held computer (models vary). The end user provides the basic job dimensions already recorded in their AutoCAD. From these dimensions, the Autograde SPS creates digital models know as binary data interface files (BDI) using surface reference points (SRPs) such as; legal boundaries, lot lines, and layout points. These models provide the user with exact; drawing information, grades, setting lines, points, and all other measurements, arcs, and angles.

As-build information can be stored in an “AGF” files. The “AGF” file will log all the saved shots, E.G. identifying number, date, time, Northing, Easting, elevation, cut and/or fill, shot code, and Autograde records user’s notes as well, at any time…

A third set, “DAT” files, provides job site elevation points when the total station is set up.

The Autograde SPS is compatible with Leica, Sokkia, Topcon, and Nikon total stations. If you do not yet use a total station, Autograde will supply one at a competitive market price.


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